5 Step Guide to Start Up Your Blog

Blogging can be a wonderful unique way of expressing yourself and sharing valuable information with other people but some people worry about how to get started. Starting up a blog can be one of a walkover or a challenge depending on how much you know about it but it really doesn’t have to be the latter. Here’s five simple steps you need to follow to begin and run your blog:

Choose a Platform: This is the first thing you need to do before you worry about anything else. There are lots of platforms such as Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and many more to choose from. It is advisable, however, to choose WordPress which clearly leads the rest given that there are so many successful blog owners who use it. It is also free, easy to set up, customizable and secure enough to save your blog from the risk of hacking.

Register a Domain Name: Your domain name is your point of contact and what your readers will remember. It is your brand. You should create a name that is unique to the theme of your blog so that it conveys the message you want to share on your blog space. It should also be easy to spell and very memorable. Including keywords in your domain name can also be a great choice to give your blog a boost in search results. One or two keywords would be enough.

Design Your Blog: The theme on your blog gives it a feel so you want to choose one that gives your blog the feel you want. Just go on and choose a theme that works for you and your blog and get it.
Add Content: This is basically why you set up the blog in the first place and what people are looking to read. It is what would decide how much traffic you can attract so make sure that the content you create is enough to keep your audience. Pick a topic you are passionate about and know enough about. It’s great to imagine your potential readership and try to create what works right. Whatever you do, make sure that your content is compelling and adds value to your readers.

Generate Traffic: As soon as you have your content ready, the next thing you should be doing is getting the people who would read your blog. Marketing your blog would get you the traffic you need and then you can push visitors to subscribe to your blog. Using social media is one great way to do this.